MAC Suite Array Eyeshadow Suites: Swatches and Review

September 26, 2008
Swatches (L to R): Smoke & Ash, Counterparts, Team Violets

So as a whole I was a little disappointed with MAC’s Suite Array Eyeshadow Suites ($16). While the duos were ridiculously cute and much smaller than I had originally anticipated, most of the duos were rather chalky due to the fact that these are matte, making for uneven application and not-so-great blending. However, not all Suite Arrays are created equal so read one to see which ones are worth checking out!

Smoke & Ash: Black with silver pearl and gray with silver pearl. This is a great duo for those times when you need to quickly go from day to evening, and of course would create a classic smoky eye. And the black shade would also make a great liner! Smoke & Ash was definitely one of the better Suite Array duos, especially in terms of texture.

Counterparts: Forest/olive green with gold pearl and peachy tan with gold pearl. This would be pretty for those with tanner complexions, but Counterparts just didn’t do anything for me.

Team Violets: Dark burgundy with burgundy pearl and soft violet with gold pearl. This was one of my favorite duos of the entire collection, especially in terms of pigmentation and texture. I didn’t purchase this since I have way too many violet eyeshadows and pigments, but I may need to go back for it. Click on the photo above to check out the purple/red flecks in the darker burgundy shade–it’s so pretty!

Swatches (L to R): Ocean 2, Blue Zone, Sweet Liaison

Ocean 2: MAC describes Ocean 2 as a deep gray green with silver pearl and an ice blue with silver pearl, but I’d have to disagree a little on this one. The darker shade is more of a deep deep brown with a green tinge. This was one of my least favorites, as I felt the darker shade wasn’t particularly flattering, and the lighter shade was really chalky.

Blue Zone: Blue zone is described as a mid-tone blue with silver pearl and a light blue with silver pearl, but because I didn’t even bother to look the name when swatching/purchasing this duo, I had no idea these were supposed to be blues! Okay so I’ll accede to MAC that the darker shade is a periwinkle/cornflower blue, but the lighter shade definitely looked to be very pale blue/lavender in person, although it did photograph as light light blue. While the lighter shade is rather chalky, the chalkiness works in this case and since I don’t have any shades that are similar, this duo came home with me.

Sweet Liaison: Brown with gold pearl and pale yellow with gold pearl. While MAC says the lighter shade is pale yellow, it swatches as more of an off-white or cream shade. Another one of my least favorite duos, the paler shade was very chalky and barely showed up against my skin.

Swatches (L to R): Rose Suites, Shallow v. Deep

Rose Suites: Intense blue pink and light pink with silver pearl. I really wanted to love this one since I do love my pinks, but there was just no way that I could! The darker rosy pink shade is probably the most matte shadow of the entire collection, and as such was ridiculously hard to apply evenly and to blend. Both shadows were super-chalky and I just can’t see how this duo would be all that flattering.

Shallow v. Deep: Bright teal with gold pearl and a pale seafoamy green with silver pearl. This was another duo that I wanted to love, but the chalkiness just wouldn’t let me. The lighter shade really would have been beautiful had it been a little more pigmented and not so chalky.

So overaly yes, these eyeshadow suites are a little disappointing and on the chalky side, but they are cute, compact, and very portable so be sure to stop by your local MAC to check these out for yourself. And hopefully I’ll have a FOTD using Blue Zone for you by sometime tomorrow! =)

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