MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks: A Few Random Swatches and Overview

September 26, 2008
Swatches of MAC Cremesheens ($14)
Okay so to be honest I had these swatches all organized in my head up until a few hours ago, but now that I’m home I can’t distinguish these shades at all! Which is why they’re going to have to go unlabeled =X. But on the bright side, these are going to be a permanent fixture at your local MAC counter, meaning if you like anything you see you’ll be able to stroll on down there to check these out for yourself, plus they only come in 14 shades so you won’t have too many to dig through.

Don’t hate me, my memory’s never failed me like this before! I hope you’ll support me and my poor brain in our time of need!

As for the Cremesheen as whole, this really is a gorgeous range of lipsticks, particularly if you like soft, feminine shades like I do. They all have a smooth creamy texture and a soft finish to them, plus they’re all nicely pigmented and so lend a beautiful soft sheen to your lips. Definitely worth checking out at some point-I know I’ll be back to purchase a few of these.


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