Rock and Republic Cosmetics: Who Doesn’t Need a $225 Bronzer/Highlighter?

September 19, 2008
Would you pay $225 for this bronzing and highlighting duo?!


Rock & Republic Cosmetics Bronzing and Highlighting Powder ($225)
• A universally flattering matte finish bronzer and three highlighter shades accentuate skin and impart a healthy glow.
• A kabuki brush provides strategic bronzer placement.
• The refillable compact boasts double-strands of Swarovski® crystals.
• Refills sold separately.

Rock & Republic Cosmetics Tinted Primer SPF 20 ($46)
and Tinted Illuminizer ($48)

Tinted Primer

A mousse-like texture glides on smoothly, and leaves a matte finish behind as it absorbs oil.
• Subtle hint of tint provides enough color to even out skin tone and cover imperfections.
• A silicone base prepares skin for powder. Caffeine-infused formula stimulates circulation, energizing and awakening the skin.
• Vitamin E and other high-powered antioxidants fight damaging free radicals.

Tinted Illuminizer
Lusciously smooth texture dissapears into skin leaving behind a luminous glow.
• Contains light-diffusing polymers and oil-absorbing properties.
• Instantly leaves the complexion looking luminous, fresh, and younger looking.

Exhibition Pressed Powder ($44)
The ultra-smooth, soft and silky texture gently caresses your complexion while while eliminating shine. Evens out tone and absorbs oil transforming skin into the perfect canvas. Use a final dusting over face to keep makeup perfectly set for hours.

Imitate Mousse Blush ($28)
A luxurious whipped soufflé formulation melts in to the skin, making it easier to acquire the level of intensity you desire.

Luxe Lip Gloss ($26)

Check out the rest of the collection here. Overall I’m finding the products to be a little overpriced, although I guess I shouldn’t really be judging since I haven’t tried the products out yet. I’m willing to pay these types of prices for tried and true luxury brands like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around paying $225 for a bronzer!

I’m definitely interested in the primer and illuminzer though-they’re pretty pricey but the packaging looks gorgeous. I can’t wait check these out in person!

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