La Mer ‘The Hydrating Infusion’ Review

September 10, 2008
La Mer The Hydrating Infusion ($95)


This high-potency treatment saturates the skin with a wave of hydration, smoothness and conditioning, preparing it to receive and boost the transformational benefits of Crème de la Mer.

The Hydrating Infusion’s vital ingredients—vitamins, minerals, tourmaline and Hydrating Ferments—are suspended within a serum-like gel network. This interactive sea gel works with exclusive Deconstructed Waters™ to deliver extraordinary activity on demand.”


One of my readers asked me to review some La Mer skincare products since I happen to be even more obsessed with skincare than I am with cosmetics, and I thought that The Hydrating Infusion would be a good starting point since I happened to already have photos of it on my desktop, plus it’s La Mer’s latest release in its lineup of bio-fermented products.

The Hydrating Infusion serves as a serum of sorts and preps and hydrates your skin so as to enhance the benefits of the Creme de la Mer. I’ve used it both in conjunction with my La Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion and with other non-La Mer products, and I have to say that I’m liking it a lot both ways. It gives my dry yet oily skin the moisture it needs without causing any irritation or breakouts and serves as a great foundation for whatever moisturizer I may choose to use that day.

The Hydrating Infusion has a thick watery consistency (think the consistency of jello right after you’ve added the water) which luckily comes with a pump dispenser so you’re not likely to make too huge a mess (unlike the Radiant Infusion).

I’m currently working my way through two deluxe samples of this which should last me quite a while since you really only need a small amount of this morning and evening, but once I’ve depleted those I’ll probably be purchasing a full size of this.

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