By Terry at Barney’s: ABS <3’s Products in Pen Form

September 10, 2008
By Terry Enhancer Pen ($45)

“In one simple click, this ultra-concentrated complexion enhancing pen disguises signs of fatigue and imperfections, leaving only bright, radiant skin. Available in Flash Rose, Tungsten Mauve and Halogen Apricot. Available in 6.2ml.”

I reviewed By Terry’s Light-Expert Foundation a few months back and absolutely LOVED it, so of course I’m intrigued by these Enhancer Pens, which I’m thinking can be used under the Light-Expert as a primer of sorts. I’ll definitely have to stop by Barney’s in the coming weeks to see if they carry these!

By Terry VIP Skin: Lift & Stretch ($65)

“Using a multi-active skincare brush, this replenishing serum smooths the features, having an instant lifting effect. Boosting collagen synthesis, it combats premature skin aging. Active ingredients include polyphenols, vitamin C and hyaluranic acid microspheres.”

By Terry VIP Skin: Peace & Glow ($65)

“A draining massage application in an easy-to-use roll-on pen, that stimulates micro-circulation, and feels like an hour at the spa. Relaxes skin tissues and softens signs of fatigue, having an instant anti-stress effect. Active ingredients include hydro-calming extracts, antioxidants and regenerating proteins.”

This sounds like it’d be amazing after a long, hard day–a mini at-home facial in a pen!

By Terry VIP Skin: Detox & Rescue ($65)

“This oxygenating multi-active skincare brush provides the skin with a revitalizing breath of fresh air. It detoxifies the skin, having an immediate anti-dulling effect and eliminating radiance-dimming impurities. Active ingredients include purifying micro-proteins, vitamins A, B, and C, and Calcium.”

By Terry VIP Skin: Fill & Plump ($54)

“The ultimate filler and skin-plumper, with an immediate ultra-smoothing effect for both pores and fine lines. Fills out hollow areas, with an ultra-precise botox-like result. Active ingredients include hyaluronic acid microspheres, dermo-smoothing correcting, and moisturizing components.”

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