Laneige Sliding Pact SPF 24 Powder Compact: Review

September 5, 2008

Shiny metallics don’t photograph too well, but this is actually pink I swear!

So I really don’t need another pressed powder, but I just couldn’t resist the call of this darling pink compact and its nifty design. The bottom slides out sort of like a slider phone, then locks upwards into place, and the powder pan lifts up to reveal an applicator puff. How handy-dandy!

Laneige Sliding Pact in Natural No.1 Bright and Splendid Skin (LOL!)

The pink compact houses a moisturizing powder, while the blue version contains an oil-absorbing powder. Now you’re probably wondering why I don’t own the blue since I obviously need it, and of course I have the perfect answer. This one was PINK!! How can I resist pink?

Don’t mind the gross chipped nails! I redid them–see the Lancome post below!

The powder itself is finely milled and provides light coverage, and overall is great for touch-ups on the go. Obviously it doesn’t help to prevent my face from getting greasy since this is a moisturizing formula, but it doesn’t aggravate my oilies either which I’m supremely grateful for!


Overall I love the cool design of this compact and will probably pick up a blue one at some point in time if I can manage to track one down. I remember seeing these at one of my local Korean cosmetics stores somewhere…


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