L’Occitane Almond Apple Velvet Concentrate: Review

September 4, 2008
L’Occitane Apple Almond Velvet Concentrate ($40)

Digital Angel requested that I review from L’Occitane skincare items, and of course I was only too happy to oblige–sorry it took me so long though! And for those of you who have review/tutorial requests pending, I promise I haven’t forgotten and that they’ll be up soon as well!


Before I start touting all of the lovely things that I like about L’Occitane’s Apple Almond Velvet Concentrate, one gripe. I HATE the jar!! Hate hate hate! I generally don’t have too big an issue with moisturizers and creams that come in jar form (although of course I prefer a nice sanitary pump) because at least they come with a cleanable spatula for scooping, plus the jars themselves are regularly shaped, but this jar happens to be narrower at the mouth than it is at the bottom, making for aggravation for Jen every time I decide to use it! Plus it didn’t even come with a little spoon! =X Okay mini rant over! =)


The Almond Apple Velvet Concetrate claims to reduce pore size, improve skin texture, tighten pores, and enhance skin elasticity–all within a four week timeframe. I’ll conceded that it does help to improve the appearance of the skin and improve skin texture somewhat, but I haven’t seen much in the way of pore-size reduction. But honestly that was a little too much to expect, since we all know it’s virtually impossible to shrink your pores!

I’d initially purchased this cream expecting it to leave the sort of siliconey/matte feeling on my skin that products like Estee Lauder Idealist did, because it had the word “velvet” in the name. Instead it leaves a pleasantly smooth, soft, hydrated feeling to my complexion that I don’t find sticky or bothersome–great both for summer and winter. It smells pretty heavily of vanilla/almond to me (I’ll admit I don’t love the fragrance), and has a medium consistency, between that of a regular moisturizer and a thicker cream. Sort of like slightly thickened up Elmer’s glue!

I tend to have sensitive/easily irritated skin and this hasn’t caused any flare-ups or breakouts. I will say that as a moisturizer it’s pretty rich, but as a cream it’s not rich enough. Meaning on those crazy winter days when my skin is parched and dying for heavy duty moisture, this probably won’t cut it, but it’s great for every other occasion.

Honestly I don’t use this that much thanks to the annoying jar that it comes in, and perhaps if I did use this more consistently my skin would now have smaller tighter pores, a smoother texture, and greater elasticity! =P

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