Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic Rouges (Plus Some Gothic Lolita): Reviews and Swatches

September 4, 2008
My Aromaleigh Samples! (and a little piggy courtesy of Nicole–isn’t he the cutest thing ever?)

All the Aromaleigh samples come in little plastic baggies–see how I got them into their cute little sifter jars below!

This was my first Aromaleigh purchase–I’d visited their site many times before, but had never placed an order because I happen to like my Everyday Minerals blushes quite a bit. However, I’d always felt that the EM products lacked the crazy bright colors that I love (as you can see in my EM post, most of the blush shades are very natural/neutral), and so Aromaleigh crept its way into my heart (thanks in large part to the prompting of Decorative Diva).

BTW did I mention that Aromaleigh has free shipping on all “samples only” orders and includes free samples with every order??? See all the great free samples I got way down below!

I ordered samples of:

Rocks! Sonic Rouges in Breathless and Candy-O ($2.10)

Rocks! Sonic Rouges in Femmefatale and Sundaygirl ($2.10)

Gothic Lolita Rouge in Rococo ($2.20); Gothic Lolita You’re a Doll! Finshing Powder in Metamorphosis ($2.20)

Swatches (L to R): Rococo, Breathless, Candy-O, Femmefatale, Sundaygirl

Same swatches, sheered out a little using a brush.

  • Rococo: Described as a clear sweet nectar-hued rouge. On me it’s a very sparkly peachy shade bordering just the tiniest bit on tangerine. I LOVE this shade it’s everything I wanted Nars Orgasm to be!
  • Breathless: Straight up bright pink with tiny silver flecks.
  • Candy-O: Described as a wicked fuchsia. Honestly I wouldn’t say this shade is fuchsia-it’s lacked both the purple and the red tones to qualify as such. It’s more of a bright, almost neon hot pink with silver shimmer that’s one of my favorites out of the bunch!
  • Femmefatale: A softer, more coral tinged pink. It’s a toss-up between this and Candy-O for my favorite blush! Just gorgeous and reminds me of candy.
  • Sundaygirl: Ever since Taryn sent me a a peachy/orange Pupa blush that I fell in love with, I’ve been experimenting with tangerine-y shades that I wouldn’t even have touched with a pole! Unfortunately this one didn’t work out so well (unlike Rococo)-it’s described as a loud reddish tangerine, but to me it’s more of a bright orange that makes me look a little “fake baked” for my liking.
  • Metamorphosis Finishing Powder: I LOVE this! Scroll down to see the photos of this in a jar–it looks to be a not so attractive pale green/gray (the color of wet concrete), but once on it gives you a soft, candlelit glow with just the right amount of shimmer!

Don’t be scared off by the fluorescence of these shades! With a skunk brush, a few grains of blush (literally) and a little blending, they leave behind that perfect sheer but bright pop of color that we all love!

My Free Samples:

Pure Hue Powders: these are multi-purpose!

The Le Mystere eyeshadows are limited edition eyeshadow samples that are never replicated!

Swatches (L to R): Color Infusion Lipstick in Vivid; Pure Hue in Ruby, Pure Hue in Zinfandel; Pure Hue in Le Mystere #64

How to Transfer Mineral Samples from Baggy to Sifter Jar:

1. Cut off one corner of the plastic baggy–don’t make the hole too big!

2. Dump the contents into your container of choice (this is the Metamorphosis finishing powder I mentioned above).
3. And voila–conveniently packaged samples!

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