MAC Lipgelee in Valentine’s and Plushglass in Bountiful: Swatches, Review, and Photos as Promised!

September 2, 2008
I know it’s been FOREVER since I promised swatches and lip shots of my CCO haul, but better late than never I always say! I hope they were worth the wait!

MAC Lipgelee in Valentine’s


MAC Lipgelee in Valentine’s as a pink coral with gold pearl, but on the lips it blends into a soft, nearly colorless glossy shine with hints of gold flecks. It’s pretty if you’re looking for a shade to make your lips look a tad rosier and shinier without too much in the pigmentation department, but definitely not what you’d want to purchase if you’re looking for a gloss with much color.

I love the non-tacky feel of the lipgelees, but the tradeoff is that these don’t last too long–I’d say an hour or two at most. But while it does last you have this great, soft cushiony feel to your lips that I love! It’s like jello for your lips!

MAC Plushglass in Bountiful


No Flash

MAC Plushglass in Bountiful is a mid-tone pink with lots of silver pearl. Despite the pearl, it’s neither frosty nor too silvery on the lips, and perfect for pouty lips with a just a hint of glossy pink color. This happens to be a favorite of mine for those days when I want a soft pink lip, but I do need to warn you that it really is a barely-there shade.

I happen to love Plushglasses for the tingly, cooling sensation they leave on your lips. I would’ve say these actually do any plumping (but really, what plumping gloss does?), but I still love them!

So in my original post I promised you a little background info as to why SO got this one for me (click the photos to be taken back to the original post). I’d actually just purchased this before SO’s sister’s wedding and brought it with me to the ceremony, box and all. A few minutes before the ceremony’s schedule to begin, the photographer comes scrambling into the church saying the MUA has misplaced the bride’s lipgloss and needs some ASAP. Of course I happily handed mine over, and it was never seen or heard from again. I wasn’t too sad since it had gone to a good cause, but nobody likes losing a brand new gloss! So fast forward to CCO day, over a year later–I squeal with glee upon coming across this, and SO hands over his credit card! =P

Swatches: Lipgelee in Valentine’s; Plushglass in Bountiful

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