Harajuku Lovers Eau de Toilette Perfume Spray: Review

August 27, 2008
Harajuku Lovers Eau de Toilette Spray in Lil’ Angel (0.3 oz size)-$25

Remember when I mentioned wanting each and every one of the Harajuku Lovers fragrances here? Don’t feel bad if you don’t–I want so many things even I can’t keep track!

I stopped by Nordstrom to check these out, and unfortunately was sorely disappointed by the fragrances. Yes the bottles are irresistibly cute (which is the only reason that one managed to follow me home), but the fragrances themselves are definitely not of the caliber I’d expect from a department store eau de toilette.

Lil’ Angel standing on her fragrance base


All of the fragrances possess the same fatal flaw, which is an overwhelmingly strong alcoholic scent. Spray this on your wrist, and you’ll smell like a walking bottle of rubbing alcohol for the next few minutes–I literally hurt my nose when I sprayed this on a fragrance card and attempted to sniff a few seconds later!

Even after the dry down, the scents are rather juvenile and nothing special-essentially an afterthought to the cute bottle design. Lil’ Angel ended up being the only scent that I found remotely pleasant (FYI it smells like a fruity Jolly Rancher, but I happen to like fruity candy scents), and because the girl atop the bottle reminded me of my Catholic school days, she came home with me (thanks to SO! I don’t know if I would’ve purchased this for myself).

If the scents had been even a little better, I probably would’ve purchase at least 2-3 of these based on their sheer cuteness, but sadly the Harajuku Lovers fragrances were really disappointing and definitely not worth purchasing unless you can’t resist the bottles!


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