YSL and Lancome Go Black to Basics

August 26, 2008
From September Vogue

It looks like basic glossy black is the hot new lip shade for Fall 2008. While I myself went through a goth phase back in high school, and really it’s a great look for some, how many professional women can you see wearing pitch-black lips to the office?


Nonetheless YSL’s Gloss Pur Black ($28) is available for pre-order, and will probably sell like hotcakes. It really does make for a hot editorial look, but of course I’ll be abstaining.

Lancome’s variation on this trend takes the form of a lip duo ($48), inspired by the sole of a Christian Louboutin shoe (*sigh* if only I could afford a pair). It’s comprised of a Color Fever lipstick in Piha Red, and a Color Fever gloss in Piha Black. The set launches in November, but is currently available for pre-order through Bloomie’s NYC (59th Street not SoHo) by calling 212-705-2886. This is sure to sell out fast so if you’re interested, make sure to add yourself to their list!




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