MAC Overrich Pigments: Review and Swatches

August 26, 2008
Left to Right: Museum Bronze; Mega-Rich; Copperbeam

Museum Bronze: Rich taupe with gold pearl. A decent bronzey brown shade.

Mega-Rich: Frosty burnt orange with gold pearl. I was expecting this to be more orangey, but brunt orange is spot on. It has a buttery tone to it that I like, and while I tend to avoid oranges with a vengeance, this has a rich look to it that I’m kinda liking.

Copperbeam: Rusted brown with red pearl. A deep coppery rusty brown that has a gorgeous sheen and great smooth consistency. A beautiful pigment but one that I won’t be getting since I’m not a fan of browns/coppers.

Left to Right: Vintage Gold; Heritage Rouge; Mauvement

Vintage Gold: Tarnished green with gold pearl. A gorgeous green/gold shade reminiscent of Golden Olive pigment, but with a more aged/dirty look to it. I’ll most probably be picking this up.

Heritage Rouge: Deep burgundy with red and brown pearl. While this is indeed a deep burgundy, it can look more of a maroon/plum shade depending on the lighting. Another stunning pigment that looks scary in the tub, but fabulous on. It’s a great rich shade unlike any of my other pigments, so I may need it.

Mauvement: Cool taupe with gold pearl. The name on this one confuses me since I was expecting a mauve-y shade, but it’s pretty nonetheless, although among the least pigmented of the bunch in my opinion. This one I’ll definitely be avoiding though, as it’s ridiculously chunky and would be a pain in the butt to work with.

Left to Right: Blonde’s Gold; Antique Green

Blonde’s Gold: Light tan with gold and white pearl. Tans usually makes me run for the hills, but I absolutely LOVE this pigment! It’s a gorgeous golden ivory shade that will be perfect both for highlighting the brow and cheekbones, and for brightening up your eyes.

Antique Green: Turquoise green with green pearl. I was afraid this would be too bright, but it’s another must-have from Overrich. It’s a dirty/smoky teal green that would create a great smoky eye.

What will you be getting from Overrich?


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