MAC Illegal Cargo and California Dreamin’ Swatches, Review, and FOTD

August 22, 2008
MAC Eyeshadow in Illegal Cargo; MAC Lipstick in California Dreamin’

I’d been wanting both of these products for awhile, so I was thrilled to receive them as gifts! Especially the California Dreamin’, since I would’ve had no other way to get my greedy little hands on them! You have no idea how jealous I was of the Cali gals who were able to get this for free–and now I’ve got my own.

Illegal Cargo: Frosty gray/lavender (like a dirty light purple)

I’ve wanted Illegal Cargo since the Naughty Nauticals release, but for one reason or another I always ended up swatching it and then putting it back on the display. It was pretty but because of the “dirtiness” of it, I couldn’t really see myself wearing too often. Which is why I was so happy to be surprised with it! It’s really gorgeous for creating a soft and subtle smoky eye, and I can see myself wearing this often!

California Dreamin‘: Pale milky pink

You know how sometimes you don’t really want something until you find out it’s limited edition and not available in your area? Or maybe it’s just me? Either way, that was the case with California Dreamin’ for me. It’s nothing extraordinary, nor is it terribly unique, but the fact that I couldn’t have it made me want it all the more! I didn’t actually think I’d like it all that much, since it’s such a pale pink and therefore could be kinda hard to pull off, but paired with a smoky eye it’s sheer perfection. It’s got a creamy, long-wearing formula and creates a nude lip with just the slightest hint of pink.

Swatches: Illegal Cargo, California Dreamin’

FOTD using my new products:





To get this look:

  1. Apply a good base (I used Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eyeshadow in Violet Visions).
  2. Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply MAC’s Illegal Cargo all over your eyelid.
  3. Use your crease brush to apply MAC’s Smoke & Diamonds eyeshadow along your outer “V.” (if you don’t have this already, enter my giveaway here to win it!!)
  4. Top it all off with some liner and mascara.
  5. For the lips, I applied a base of foundation first so as to create a neutral palette, and then applied California Dreamin’ on top.
What do you think? I swear it looks a million times better in person–I felt pretty hot 😉


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