MAC Cult of Cherry: Review and Swatches

August 22, 2008
The Lipsticks ($14); The Mattenes ($14.50)
(Sorry to be confusing, but the swatches go up and down in columns, from left to right!)
Column 1 (top to bottom): Creme Cerise; Lightly Ripe; So Scarlet
Column 2: Russian Red; O; Chock-ful (Mattene)
Column 3: Bing (Mattene); Kirsch (Mattene); Rapturous (Mattene)

The Lipsticks: I’m not a huge lipstick girl and I tend to avoid reds at all costs, but even I had to admit that all these lippies were absolutely beautiful. They’re all well-pigmented (with the exception of Creme Cerise), creamy, long-wearing and supremely wearable.

The Mattenes: While great in theory, I avoided these like the plague because for my lifestyle, matte and dark just don’t really work too well. I did see many of the MA’s at MAC wearing Bing and Kirsch, and while they looked dramatically stunning, it was all a little too goth for my liking. Now don’t get me wrong, I went through a goth phase myself in high school, but at this point in my life I just can’t see myself wearing these.

The Lipglasses ($14)
Top Row (left to right): Cherry Blossom; Rich & Ripe; Liqueur
Bottom Row: Jampacked; Cult of Cherry

The Lipglasses: This was another case of wanting EVERYTHING, but of course I resisted. Cherry Blossom is easily dupeable and I have about a million glosses just like it, so I forced myself to put it down. It’s the same sparkly sheer pink gloss that we all have sitting around somewhere. The others I felt like I needed, but if you can only go with one I’d definitely recommend Cult of Cherry! It’s the name of the collection, the perfect shade of clean red, and absolutely stunning on all skintones!



The Quads ($36)
Top Row: Shadowy Lady
Middle Row: Tempting Eye
Bottom Row: Spiced Chocolate

The Quads: I know that everyone’s going crazy over Tempting Eye, and while it’s stunning my personal favorite is Shadowy Lady. But having said that, I wasn’t too enamored with any of these. I wasn’t too big a fan of the lightest and the darkest shades in all three of the palettes, and therefore couldn’t justify paying $36 to use two shadows.

The Blushes ($18): Blooming; Plum du Bois

The Blushes: I swatched both of these fully expecting to hate them, but of course I LOVE them! Plum du Bois is a little too bronzey for my to ever wear, but I can definitely see Blooming (which MAC describes as a dirty peach-huh?!?) residing happily on my makeup vanity. I think it’d be great for those with fairer skin!

And a random Overrich Pigment: Vintage Gold

I didn’t end up with much, but I’ll be posting photos of what I did get tomorrow!


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