Lancome’s Been Holding Out On Us! Fall 2008 Onyx Splendor

August 21, 2008
Fall 2008 Onyx Splendor from Lancome

I know we get some great releases here in the US, but every once in awhile (okay all the time) I feel like we end up with the short end of the stick, especially when I see products like this!

Remember my post on Lancome’s Fall 2008 Maharani Jewels collection? Well Korea pretty much got the highlight of this collection (the elephant bronzer) and then some! Check out what we’ve been missing below!



This gorgeous little contraption is called the Lotus, and consists of two shadows and two lippies. I know it’s probably horribly cumbersome and heavy to use, but still stunning!

It retails for 62,000 won, which is roughly $60.

I hope that one of our native-Korean speakers will translate this for me, since my tired eyes can’t handle it at the moment! As best I can make out it’s some kind of Elastomer that you apply to the nails, and it comes in gold and white pearl.

It retails for 50,000 won, which is roughly $48.

After seeing all these cool foreign releases, don’t you feel a little gypped by what we got? =X

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