Sephora Beauty Insiders: Philosophy Purity Made Simple High Foaming Daily Cleanser

August 18, 2008

I’m a big proponent of rewarding loyal customers, and Sephora recently (okay so not so recently, but recently compared to how long other companies have been doing it) jumped on the bandwagon with their Beauty Insiders program, which I’ve become a little obsessed with. I’m sure most of you know, but the program’s basic premise is that you sign up (for free of course) to be a Beauty Insider, accumulate points with every purchase and whenever your balance reaches 100 points (aka you spend $100), you get to choose a free deluxe sample! And of course you get access to some items that are exclusive to Beauty Insders.

I’m not even going to think of how many deluxe rewards I’ve received since that comes too close to thinking about how much I spend on cosmetics, but I have to say that this sample of Philosophy’s Purity foaming cleanser is one of my favorites, in large part because of its size dwarfs most of the other deluxe samples! I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but review to come shortly =)

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