I’m BAAACK!!! Miss Me?

August 18, 2008

Okay so I’ve actually been back for a few days, but the craziness that is my life has been keeping my away! I won’t bore you with all the minutia of my vacation, but here are some highlights of my Atlantis, Paradise Island vacation:

1) Getting moved from the Coral Towers (decently nice) to the Royal Towers (very nice), then being upgraded to an AMAZING suite with a view of the entire resort from its three balconies!

2) Watching my bag of chippies inflate like a balloon during the flight to the Bahamas (yes I’m very easily amused), and missing my flight home thanks to Homeland Security.

3) Taking in the beauty of the resort.

4) Enjoying all the gorgeous blue/green water in the Bahamas.

5) Screaming on the water slides and jet skiing for the first time.

6) Stalking the Miss Teen USA contestants and taking their photos 😛

7) Chasing this fish around the aquarium trying to get a good shot of it for you all. It had bright blue eyes, and I swear the coloring made it look like it was wearing makeup!!

8) Checking out the astonishing array of sea life in the aquariums.

I have a million more photos I want to share but I don’t want to bore you. I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my Atlantis adventure!


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