Atlantis Beauty and a Few More Photos

August 18, 2008
My own personal little vanity in my suite ❤

My MAC 187s travel everywhere with me!

For this trip I tried not to go too crazy with the cosmetics packing (remember what I packed to go camping? click here for a refresher), and instead packed 10 or so different SPF’s! While it’s always great to look gorgeous, the key to long-term beauty really is protecting your skin. I packed all of my favorite SPF’s and then some, and while I developed a beautiful tan thanks to my trusty sunscreens I didn’t burn at all =) Click here for review of my three favorite SPF’s-it really is so so so important to protect your skin!

Essie Mini Shorts

I usually got for bright pink on my toes and light pink on my fingernails, but I thought it would be fun to go for something more fluorescent for Atlantis-what do you think? It’s actually even brighter in person!

Day 1: A simple look for the flight to Nassau and then off to the casino. MAC Naked and Pink Pearl pigments (swatches of both here).


Day 3: Beach look. A mishmash of MAC eyeshadow in Expensive Pink (swatch here), and pigments in Tan and Pink Pearl (pressed of course! check out how here), topped off with YSL Everlong mascara (review here). Chanel Glossimer in Gazelle from Chanel Summer 2008 on the lips-I didn’t think I’d ever really use this but it’s perfect for a peachy/bronzey beach look!




One of the suite closets. See my cute Burberry wedges on the lower right? SO got them for me for my birthday (along with some other great stuff)! Actually he got me most of the stuff hanging in the closet (and a bunch of stuff not picture including a gorgeous Burberry bikini) ❤

Lazy River Ride-it goes around the entire resort (and causes massive sunburn if you don’t load up on the SPF)!

Inside the casino-one of the many gorgeous glass pieces.


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