Mini Weekend Haul

August 4, 2008

I was shopping with SO for a few odds and ends at Sephora, and while we were waiting in line to pay I happened to spy this cute Safari train case that I’d seen online for 50% off. SO offered to get it for me, and who am I to turn him down? So here she is!


She’s really rather small-perfect for holding my daily essentials but nothing else. The great thing was that organizing my cosmetics on this forced me to take stock of just exactly how much makeup I have. I have 6 drawers dedicated to makeup, and after clearer my vanity to make room for this I realized that my products no longer fit in those 6 drawers-that’s madness!! I’m going to have to do some drastic purging to make room for new stuff, or else just stop shopping altogether!


I stopped by MAC, Nordstrom, and the Cosmetics Company Outlet this weekend and picked up some great items! I ended up with MAC pigments in Viz a Violet (from the CCO) and Gilded Green (Nordstrom Anniversary exclusive), a MAC Royal Assets lip palette, and MAC blush in Harmony (not for me). Click here to be taken to swatches of the pigments!


I also visited Bergdorf Goodman on Thursday because I’d heard that Lancome’s new Oscillation mascara would be available, but they told me it sold out in a matter of hours! They were sweet enough to inform that Bloomies still had them in stock so I headed over and purchased it to experiment with. Stay tuned for my review to come sometime within the next few days!

And of course I’ll have swatches of the piggies for you very soon as well.

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