A Girl’s Gotta Look Pretty-Even for the Bar!

July 31, 2008

I decided to revisit my MAC Naughty Nauticals pigments first day of the NY Bar Exam (yesterday). I was feeling exhausted, dejected, and overall just horribly depressed so I thought a great pop of color would cheer me up, and it most definitely did!

That is until I actually got to the Jacob Javtis Center and saw that I was pretty much the only one wearing any makeup at all LOL! Oh well-I guess no one else is as crazy as I am!



Products Used: MAC pressed pigments in Vanilla, Mutiny, and Bell Bottom Blue, MAC Paint Pot in Perky

How to get this look (thanks Julie for reminding me!)

  1. Apply a base like MAC Paint Pots.
  2. Apply MAC pigment in Mutiny using a medium-head fluffy brush all over the eyelid, from inner corner outwards, for a sheer wash of color.
  3. Apply some more Mutiny just to the center of your eyelid for a bolder pop of color.
  4. Take a crease brush (finer tip) and apply MAC pigment in Bell Bottom Blue to your outer V (starting at the lashline, make a small “/” motion upwards, than “\” inwards and carry the color over to where your eyeball begins)
  5. Using another fine-tipped brush, apply Vanilla pigment over the Mutiny (it makes it look whiter as opposed to wearing it alone) starting from your inner eye and stopping about 1/3 of the way in.
  6. Blend blend blend!

What do you think?

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