New from La Mer: The Hydrating Infusion

July 8, 2008
La Mer ‘The Hydrating Infusion’-4.2 ounces for $95

Via Neiman Marcus:

“This high-potency treatment saturates the skin with a wave of hydration, smoothness and conditioning, preparing it to receive and boost the transformational benefits of Crème de la Mer.

The Hydrating Infusion’s vital ingredients—vitamins, minerals, tourmaline and Hydrating Ferments—are suspended within a serum-like gel network. This interactive sea gel works with exclusive Deconstructed Waters™ to deliver extraordinary activity on demand.

An elaborate bio-fermentation process helps sea parsley and other precious seaborne ingredients infuse the skin with untold energy and hydration, awakening a healthy, resilient appearance.

Used with Crème de la Mer, the visible signs of damage are significantly reduced: lines and wrinkles begin to fade from view and a glowing appearance is revealed as skin’s look and feel take on a healthy new life.”

Since I absolutely love La Mer’s The Radiant Infusion (which is $5 cheaper at 4.2 ounces for $90), I’m very interested in learning more about the new The Hydrating Infusion (and how it differs from The Radiant Infusion), and of course, trying it for myself.

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