Three Facial Mists Compared: Avene Thermal Springwater, Shu Uemura Depsea Water, and MAC Fix+

July 7, 2008
Left to Right: Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water, Shu Uemura Depsea Water Facial Mist, MAC Fix+

Given my recent review of Shu Uemura’s Depsea Water Facial Mist (in the Yuzu scent), I thought I’d do an overview of the facial mists currently taking up residence in my beauty arsenal.

My favorite of the bunch (at least until I find a better one :D) is, of course, Shu Uemura’s Depsea Water ($24 for 150mL). I won’t bore you with the details since I already raved on and on about their facial mist here, but suffice it to say that it’s a great toner and mid-day refresher. While I’m not 100% sold on all of its purportedly miraculous properties, it does calm my skin while lightly moisturizing it, and the fact that it comes in a plethora of yummy scents only makes it that much more appealing. And how cool is it that these mists are pumped from ocean depths of 200 meters and bottled at the source?

A very close second is Eau Thermale Avene’s Thermal Spring Water ($11 for 5.29oz). As the name indicates, this product is spring (rather than ocean) water, and again it’s bottled at the source. A favorite drugstore product in both the US and Europe (I get mine at Apthrop Pharmacy but I’ve seen it at CVS recently), it’s been clinically proven to soothe/calm irritated skin thanks to its unique composition (see here for more details), and like the Shu makes a great toner and facial refresher.

How is it different from the Shu? It’s spring not sea water, low in minerals (better for super-sensitive complexions), unscented, has a great misting nozzle, and best of all is less than half the price of Shu’s Depsea Waters. My only real complaint with the Shu (well other than the price) is that it doesn’t provide a fine mist since it’s packaged with a conventional spray nozzle, but Eau Thermale Avene has remedied that issue with a spray-mechanism that provides a light mist.

And as for my least favorite facial mist-that would be MAC Fix+ (at $16 for 100mL it’s cheaper than the Shu Uemura but more expensive than the Eau Thermale Avene). I know so many of my lovely readers love Fix+ but I just can’t get it to work for me. I’ve tried it so many different ways (I’ve even used it mixed with pigment) so many different times but to no avail. As a pre-makeup spritzer it makes me really oily, and as a post-foundation skin finisher (the way many MAC MA’s use it) it creates a MASSIVE oil slick. I’m talking fry-an-egg greasy here! Absolutely gross. And on top of that, Fix+ irritates my skin to no end. It causes minor break-outs and hives, and despite the fact that it’s supposed to be hydrating, my face feels ridiculously tight and itchy post-application. In a last ditch attempt to use this product I’ve tried spritzing it on an eyeshadow brush to help my eyeshadows adhere better, but a combo of MAC Paint Pots plus shadow works better for me so it’s just an all-around no-go for me.

I know there are a multitude of other facial mists out there (La Mer, Amore Pacific, the list goes on and on)-what’s your favorite and why?

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