My MAC Pigment Samples Are Here!!!!!! Swatches and Review

May 29, 2008


So a little while ago I ordered some MAC pigment samples from a great site called The Body Needs. If you’ve ever wanted to try a pigment but didn’t to purchase a full size, or didn’t feel like purchasing the full size of LE pigment on ebay, this site is definitely the way go! A lovely woman named Cheryl will e-mail you to let you know when your order ships, and each pigment is carefully bubble-wrapped meaning no messy mishaps in transit! I even received a free sample of Quick Frost with my order!!! I’ll definitely be ordering from this site again and again in the future 🙂

Left to right: Tan, Rose, Pink Pearl (just for comparison)

Left to right: Quick Frost (it’s a shame you can’t see the green), Pastorale, Golden Olive

The colors I got (and yes I know I have some of these already-but I love having sample sizes to travel with!):

  • Mutiny
    • A gorgeous sky blue. A bit chunky in texture which makes it difficult to work with, but hopefully pressing will take care of that!
  • Bell-Bottom Blue
    • A deep dirty blue with silver shimmer (white pearl). Very pretty for a smoky look and to emphasize your outer V.
  • Pastorale
    • This was much more finely milled than any of the other pigments. A pretty pale mint green with hints of gold (and IMO a tiny tiny bit of a pale blue undertone)
  • Golden Olive
    • Frosty green/gold. From the swatches I’d seen of this online I was afraid it’d be quite similar to Pastorale, but it’s actually much darker/golder and a much deeper green.
  • Rose
    • Rose with gold/copper sparkle. When wet it looks almost red-it’s a little too gold for my liking but I may learn to love it. (and as reader Julie reminded me-it’s very chunky and difficult to work with when not pressed!)
  • Fuchsia
    • Bright pink (well that’s what fuchsia is!). A gorgeous shade-LOVE!!!
  • Violet
    • Bright frosty violet-another gorgeous one and one of my favorites.
  • Tan
    • Pinky bronze. It photographs very bronze, but actually has much more pink than is apparent in the swathes. Beautiful as an everyday shadow.
  • Quick Frost
    • I’m loving this sample! It’s a white base with green pearl and it’ll go beautifully with both Pastorale and Golden Olive. Can’t wait to play with this one more!

I pressed all of these pigments, so be on the lookout for step-by-step photos tomorrow!

See my swatches of Bell-Bottom Blue, Mutiny, Vanilla, Fuchsia, and Violet pigments here!

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