By Terry Light-Expert Foundation Mini-Review

May 28, 2008

From Sephora: “This genius foundation brush sweeps away imperfections, dull skin, and shadows to reveal a flawless complexion with every stroke. Its featherweight texture, illusion-effect coverage, and multi-active skincare advantages win top honors with makeup artists. With its new-generation, hydra-smoothing hyaluronic acid microspheres that blend into the skin tissues, this skin-plumper targets hollow areas (expression lines, crow’s feet, creases, etc.) and expands with water to recreate volume. The result: Wrinkles and fine lines are filled out and subjacent tissues are plumped up for an immediate lifting effect. The unrivalled soft-focus complex, composed of five specific corrective prisms, relaxes the features leaving no room for imperfections. This antiaging youth catalyst is also intensely protective as it’s composed of seven antiaging substances which defy time.”

I’d been wanting to try By Terry’s Light-Expert foundation since I first saw it on Eluxury years ago, but it’s nearly impossible to purchase foundation without having tried it on, and at $48 for 0.57 oz I didn’t want to be making an expensive cosmetic blunder. So I managed to put it out of my mind until I noticed recently that it had popped up on Sephora’s site. I played with all the testers during my next visit to Sephora but they didn’t have my shade, so it was back to wanting and waiting. Lucky for me, Sephora recently had this the Light-Expert foundation as one of their sample options during checkout and so I snatched it up (you should’ve seen how happy I was-kinda sad really!).

To be honest, I didn’t like it so much the first day I used it. I think my skin was having an off-day (it may have been in the middle of or right after finals), but regardless the foundation felt a little funky going on and just didn’t look quite right. So I zipped it up in a little plastic baggy and forgot all about it until a few days ago when I decided to give it another try. And it’s BEAUTIFUL! Of course I’m not using the built-in applicator brush since I’m working with a sample, but using my MAC 187 I get a beautiful finish-it really gives your skin a luminous even look. It has a rather siliconey feel to it (so it applies really easily and feels great going on), obviating the need for any sort of primer and like the site mentions, it contains many many wonderful skin conditioners in it!

The color selection, however, is severely limited (it only comes in 4 shades!) but I’ve found that 101 Beige Light works perfectly for my NW20ish complexion.

Now onto the one negative (other than the fact that this is quite pricey for the tiny amount of foundation you get)-this product is quite strongly (and strangely) fragranced! I know this seems to be a complaint I have with a lot of products, but I promise it’s the products and not me! Light-Expert has a very very strong scent, reminiscent of baby powder and lavender. I happen to hate both those scents, so I have to hold my breath while applying this, but the results are well worth it.

I’m forcing myself to wait until I’ve gone through at least one of my current foundations (I think I have 10 or so I’m currently using :\) before picking this up, but it’s definitely next on my foundation list!

No foundation on the left, By Terry on the right

Have you seen this at Sephora (or anywhere else)? Tried it? Loved/hated it? Purchased it? Tell me all about it! 🙂

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