Lumiere Eyeshadows Review and Swatches (plus a few EOTD’s!)

April 30, 2008

People who know me knows that I go through cycles of obsessions. One week I’ll have to have every Chanel gloss out there, another week I won’t be able to stop thinking about Tiffany jewelry, and the next I’ll be buying every foundation I can get my hands on. These Lumiere mineral eyeshadows were purchased during an “I need mineral shadows” week. Rather than purchasing full-sized versions of shadows that I’d never seen or tried before, I got the mini sample sizes for $2.25 each (not dirt cheap but not ridiculous). Samples are always a good cheap way to satisfy a cosmetics craving!!

I was pleasantly surprised surprised when I received my package. It took a little longer than I would’ve liked to arrive, but the little sample jars are simply adorable and the colors are beautiful. Overall they’re nicely pigmented, have an almost creamy consistency and while not all that impressive when applied dry, really come to life when foiled!

Colors I picked up:

  • Heiress (eye shimmer)
    • Heiress was the only shadow I picked up a full-sized version of. I’d seen some mention of it online and could tell it I would love it. Applied dry it’s a pretty pale pink, but when you foil it you see flashes of copper through the pink. I don’t usually like copper/bronze shadows, but they’re surprisingly flattering combined with the pink.
  • Allure (eye shimmer)
    • This was another color I’d seen online and thought was absolutely gorgeous. It’s described as a sheer rose/pink with gold sparkles, which is pretty accurate if you apply it dry, but I don’t like Allure nearly as much as I thought I would. It’s very difficult to apply because, unlike all of the other shadows, it has a weird gritty/chunky consistency akin to fine particle of glitter instead of an eyeshadow. This means it doesn’t adhere to you skin very well when applied dry, and if you apply it wet it turns into a reddish color that make me look like I’ve been crying. It does look pretty in the swatches though!
  • Chameleon (eye shimmer)
    • The website describes this one as a “sugar plum purple with iridescent green sparkle.” I hadn’t been drawn to this color initially, but the description sounded pretty so I decided to give it a try, and I have to say I think it’s my favorite out of the bunch. It’s great to use as a neutral, as I don’t see much of the plum/purple at all! On me Chameleon looks like a pinky sand color infused with bits of green shimmer.
  • Wicked(eye shimmer)
    • I picked this color solely for its name 🙂 Not usually something I do, but I’m going to see the musical Wicked in a few weeks and couldn’t resist getting a shadow with the same name. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be a big fan of this color, and I was right. It’s described as plum, but it looked kinda muddy on the site, and once I received it and tested it out, it looked muddy on my skin as well (it has very strong brown undertones). Plus it seems to stain my skin in a weird way, so that whenever I swatch it I have a really hard time getting it off.
  • Beautiful (glitz)
    • Beautiful is a glitz, which I think means that it’s supposed to be more pigmented than the eye shimmers. Color-wise this definitely looks more pigmented in the jar, and although it looks similar to the others when dry, Beautiful has an intensity the others lack when foiled. It’s a very pretty shade of medium lavender/purple, and looks great both as a sheer wash or for an intense pop of color. One of my favorites!
  • O (blush)
    • This blush is filed under Lumiere‘s “Ditto by Lumiere” section-basically their dupes of popular cosmetics items. As you can tell by its name, O is supposed to be the mineral version of Nars’ Orgasm, but I think Lumiere missed the mark with this one. It’s a lovely blush (super-pigmented!) but it has waaaay too much pink to look like Orgasm, plus not enough shimmer. Still it’s beautiful 🙂

These shadows also come in a bunch of other formulations (matte, silkies, prismatics, etc.) so if you’re not too keen on shimmer, don’t worry! I don’ think I’ll be purchasing anymore mineral shadows anytime soon as the samples (although tiny!) will last me forever plus I find loose powders annoying to work with, but these are definitely worth a look as they come in a beautiful range of formulas and colors 🙂

Swatches (dry-forgot to swatch Beautiful!):


Swatches (wet):


And some looks using the shadows
(Heiress is in the inner corner of my eye for every look):




Have you tried these? Like the looks? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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