Everyday Minerals Blushes Review and Swatches, Plus How to Get Free Samples!

April 26, 2008

If you’ve never heard of Everyday Minerals, you’re missing out! It’s a great brand of mineral makeup whose owner’s philosophy is to make healthy, pure, simple, and affordable cosmetics using high quality ingredients. The great thing about their foundations is that they come in a wide variety of shades and three different formulations, so there should be shade and formula for everyone! Plus EM offers their customers free sample kits (you only pay shipping!) which include 3 foundations, 1 blush or face color, and 1 concealer, giving you an opportunity to try their products risk free. If you’ve never tried Everyday Minerals, the sample kit is definitely the way to go-everything arrives in mini sifter jars and the samples are more than generous (i’ve never been able to finish one of their samples)!

But onto the blushes! While I liked all the products that I tried from EM, I’ve realized that mineral foundation just isn’t my thing. However, their blushes are amazing! They’re super-pigmented (meaning you literally need only a few grains to get great color pay-off), very blendable, and best of all, cheap! The 2.5g is only $4, and for $8 you get 6 grams (which will last you forever!).

Two things to keep in mind before reading my reviews are that I hate anything remotely brown on my face (eyeshadow, blush, lipstick) and that the color swatches on the site are not accurate at all!

Shades I’ve tried so far:



  • Back to School
    • This is a burnt peach with silver shimmer. It’s got brown undertones, but surprisingly I like this a lot. It’s quite similar to Snooze Bar (below), but more pigmented and of course the hints of peach make it prettier, at least in my book. It’s a great blush for those days when you just want something natural to make you look a bit more alert.
  • Snooze Bar
    • Another brownish peach shade, this time with more brown than peach. I’m pretty pale but can pull this off because it tends to be more sheer than EM’s other blushes, and therefore isn’t overpowering. However, on the wrong skintones this can appear orange if overdone. This is a greats summer option for a light glow, especially on tanner complexions.
  • Evening Out
    • This is described as an elegant medium brownish-red shade with a beautiful sunburst of orange shimmer. I knew before ordering this that I probably wouldn’t be too fond of it, as those colors are probably my least favorite , and I was right. It actually looks pretty decent swatched on my hands, but my face picks up all the orange and nothing else, making me look like some strange spray-tanning victim.
  • Waffle Cone
    • Brown/bronze with a silver sheen. This is a favorite with many beauty bloggers and MUAers, as it’s very neutral and provides the skin with a subtle glow. It reminds me of Snooze Bar on crack-it has less sheen and a little more glitter, and even my brown-hating self really likes this one for the summer!
  • Girl’s Day
    • Girl’s Day looks so pretty on the site. It’s supposed to be a reddish pink with gold sparkles, but to me it looks like a dark orange/red/brown. This is the only blush out of the bunch that I dislike with a passion, as it gives me streaky clown cheeks and makes me look like I’ve smeared red mud all over my face. I think this is in large part due to the fact that it’s so pigmented and I’m probably picking up way too much, but I just can’t seem to make this one work for me.
  • Theme Park
    • This is a beautiful and shimmery peach/coral. Theme Park is one of my favorites, and I think would be flattering for fair to medium complexions.
  • Chit Chat (can’t seem to find this one on their website!)
    • This is a gorgeous color, especially for fairer complexions, and if my fave EM blush ever! It’s what I’d describe as Barbie-doll pink without the scare factor. I’m so sad that this doesn’t seem to be available on their site anymore, and if it ever comes back in stock I’ll definitely be ordering a full-sized jar or two!
  • Corner Office
    • Corner Office is Theme Park’s darker and rosier sister. It’s an iridescent peachy pink, and would work better for tanner complexions or for those people who like the look of a deeper flush.

If you haven’t noticed, I love a bit of shimmer/sparkle in my blushes, but EM also has an amazing selection of blushes without any shimmer/sheen. They’re definitely worth a try, especially if you order a bunch in one of their starter kits as I did.

Have you tried Everyday Minerals? Love their blushes? Hate them? I’d love you hear your opinions in the comments!

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