Drugstore Discoveries: Wet n Wild i-sparkle Palettes Review and Swatches

April 23, 2008

(From top to bottom: City Light, Starlight Twilight)

So this post originally read:

While ditching class and browsing my local Duane Reade five minutes ago I discovered these little beauties-floral shimmery eyeshadow quads! They were oh-so tempting and I oohed and aahed over them for a good 15 minutes, but just couldn’t bring myself to purchase them as I haven’t had much luck with drugstore eyeshadows.

But diseased makeup addict that I am, in the middle of writing this post I packed up my laptop, hauled my butt back to Duane Reade and ended up purchasing 3 out of the 4 palettes. I need help!!

I picked up City Light, Starlight, and Twilight but decided to pass on Moonlight which looked a bit blah to me.

(Order of colors in swatches from left to right: background color, large petal color, middle of flower color, small flower in right corner color)

  • City Light-I actually wasn’t going to purchase this, but I was really curious about the color of the flower in the lower right corner so picked it up, and it’s actually my favorite! The blue isn’t all that blue, but rather has green/gold undertones making it very wearable. And of course the color in the corner is a beautiful smoky shade that’ll be amazing for contouring or a smoky eye. I also found this palette to be the most pigmented of the bunch.
  • Starlight-This palette was my first choice, but turned out to be my least favorite. The background pink is a bit chalky, and the brown is a bit flat for my taste. Having said that, the two peachy shades included in the palette are well-pigmented and quite nice. I’d pick up this palette for those two colors alone.
  • Twilight-This palette is really great, especially for a smoky evening look. The background color is a bit too sheer for my liking, as are the petals of the larger flower, but the center of the flower and the smaller flower are absolutely gorgeous and very pigmented. Definitely worth a look.

The packaging is great as well. You open it, slide to the right and there’s a built in mirror for easy application on the go!


Overall these palettes are definitely worth it at $3.99 a pop. Although each palette has its drawbacks, the small flower in each palette is absolutely gorgeous and these really are dirt cheap! Since these are limited edition, if you’re interested make sure you pick one up soon!

If you have one or all of these let me know what you think! I plan on doing a FOTD using each of the palettes, so if you’re interest in seeing what these look like on, be sure to check back!

See my City Lights EOTD here.
See my Starlight FOTD here.
See my Twilight EOTD here.

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