Korea Duty Free Haul!

April 19, 2008

I know I’ve been promising this post for awhile but greedy little thing that I am I dug into half the products as soon as I got them and haven’t had the chance to regroup them for pretty family photos. I won’t bore you by listing everything I got, as I’ll probably be reviewing most of the products individually at some point.

Unfortunately the photographs are missing a few items but I did the best I could in my mad rush to do this and fill out my bar exam applications this afternoon! And as you can see from the photos, my duty free binges tend to be skincare heavy.

All I can say is thank goodness for the VIP cards they give out in Duty Free. The extra 10% really makes a difference, and I’m dreading the day mine expires and I need to spend a small fortune to get a new one!


Photo 1: SK-II (cleansing oil [LOVE!], face masks, essence), Sisley (eye creams), and Dior (emulsion)


Photo 2: Laneige (eye cream duo-so cute!), Dior (eye cream), Chanel (Blizzard), Laneige (lipstick), Kumomos!

And the FREEBIES (well other than the Lancome moisturizer in the center)!!


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